In 2023, CAUSINDY returns with a brand-new, in-person conference for Australian and Indonesian young professionals.

In time for CAUSINDY’s 10th anniversary, this year’s conference reflects on our journey across the past decade and our ongoing contribution to the bilateral space through the lens of emerging professionals and volunteers from both countries.

The 2023 conference theme is sustainable tourism. Many of us love to travel, and tourism is a booming industry across Indonesia and Australia. But how do we travel the world in a sustainable way? For a long time, the tourism industry has been a key economic priority for both countries, and as we progress away from the COVID-19 pandemic, the tourism sector shows increasing promise of bilateral trade and investment opportunities.

CAUSINDY 2023 focuses on current and potential sustainable tourism practices, why it’s gained ground in recent years, and how the industry interconnects with other sectors. Participants will gather for multiple days of thought-provoking panel discussions, social and networking events, and professional development opportunities.


Over the course of the conference, delegates will work with expert mentors to dive into an issue in the Australia-Indonesia relationship and present a possible solution.


Panel discussions give delegates an opportunity to discuss culture, politics business and other hot topics with experts speakers and leaders in the bilateral relationship.


Social and networking events provide an opportunity to delegates to get to know each other and have informal discussions with our speakers and partners.

Engaging Future Leaders Program

The Engaging Future Leaders (EFL) program invites high school students from multiple schools in the local area and provides them with an opportunity to interact and engage in activities alongside CAUSINDY delegates during the conference program. The EFL program for 2023 will be centered on the theme of sustainability.

Key goals for the program include:

  • Fostering interaction and collaboration between students and delegates
  • Collaborating with local NGOs and youth organisations to facilitate school participation
  • Encouraging students to develop their perspectives on sustainability, focusing on waste reduction, recycling, and environmental consciousness
Snapshot on EFL 2018

The EFL program was last run as part of  the CAUSINDY conference in Makassar in 2018. The event was held in collaboration with the University of Hasanuddin and as educational partners.

Sixty-five students from seven local high schools were invited to participate, including SMA 1 Makassar, SMA 2 Makassar, SMA 17 Makassar, SMA Zion, SMA Celebes Global School, SMA Atthira and SMA Bosowa.

Students and delegates worked in separate teams to design a flag that best represents the bilateral relationship between Australia and Indonesia, using visual media like pictures and drawings to symbolise the relationship between the two countries.

This project aimed to provide an open-ended task with many possible interpretations while also fostering creativity and teamwork. Through this project, students were engaged in a rich discussion about many aspects of the bilateral relationship including trade, environment, history and more.

Many students and delegates commented on how much fun they had during the program.