Team 2021

Programs Team

Freya Gaunt

Freya’s first introduction to Indonesia was a language program in Salatiga, Central Java, in 2014. From this experience, her love for Indonesia’s cultures, languages and landscapes was strongly cemented. Since then, Freya has continued her engagement with the region by undertaking a year-long exchange in 2015 at Gadjah Mada University and Parahyangan Catholic University, where she completed her thesis on artist communities in Bandung. Freya is a former Vice President of AIYA ACT Chapter and was Cultural Performance and Events Coordinator for the Australia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP) 2016-2017. Since graduating from ANU with a Bachelor of Arts in Asia-Pacific Studies/Science in 2017, Freya has been working in health, advocacy and women’s microfinance organisations in Indonesia through the Australian Volunteers Program, a DFAT funded initiative.



Jake Turvey

Jake is an international project officer with a history of working within research and the international aid and development industry. He is skilled in public health research, program management, as well as cross-cultural communication. He has a keen interest in issues of social justice, health equality and translating evidence-based research into proactive policy. Since 2016, Jake has studied and worked throughout Indonesia, and, now based back in Perth, is currently completing a Master of Public Health in Infectious Disease Control at UNSW. He has a Bachelor of Arts (International Aid & Development) from Murdoch University and a Bachelor of Science (Public Health & Social Law) from UWA.

Raihansyah Ramadhan

Raihansyah is a newly appointed PATHWAYS Officer who has been exposed to the Australia-Indonesia relationship ever since pursuing a Master of Business Information Systems at Monash University, and he has remained involved to this day. He currently works at a media company in Jakarta as an IT business analyst. Raihansyah is passionate about studying international relations, especially after joining several Model United Nation conferences.

Theresia Theofanny

Theresia is an undergraduate psychology student at Universitas Indonesia. Having an interest in cross-cultural studies, Theresia loves seeking opportunities that enable her to meet and learn about people from various backgrounds, hence her extensive involvement in various affairs related to international relations. As a PATHWAYS Officer for CAUSINDY, Theresia is committed towards ensuring that mentors and mentees complete the program with the most insightful experience possible.

CIL (CAUSINDY Innovation Lab) Team

Harriet Roberts
CIL Officer

Harriet currently works for the Australian Government in native title policy, and previously worked in communications and marketing for the ANU College of Asia & the Pacific. She holds a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and a Bachelor of Asia-Pacific Studies from ANU, with a minor in Indonesian language. Harriet was a 2017 New Colombo Plan Indonesia Scholar and is an ACICIS alumna.

Theodore Soukotta
CIL Officer

Theo currently works as Project Coordinator for ASEAN Foundation in Jakarta. Prior to this, he worked as project leader and manager for two development projects funded by the University of Melbourne Student Engagement Grant. Theo holds a Master of Development Studies from the University of Melbourne.

Yanuar Farhanditya
CIL Officer

Yanuar currently works with the Private Sector Partnerships Team at a UN agency in Jakarta, mostly handling Digital Communications and Strategy. His previous experience includes working in e-commerce for Tokopedia and USAID. He has a strong passion for development and digital government issues. Outside work, Yanuar loves to connect with peers through volunteering and thoroughly enjoys taking care of his cat and her three fluffy kittens.

CICI (CAUSINDY Industry and Community Initiatives) Team

Amadeo Ardisa

Deo is an experienced sustainability consultant with a passion for environmental and social sustainability. Having previously studied and worked in Melbourne for about seven years, Deo has a very keen interest in connecting international and grassroot youth communities, particularly within the Australia-Indonesia and sustainability space. Now based in Jakarta, Deo hopes to share his passion for a climate-conscious Australia-Indonesia community through CAUSINDY.

Destari Puspa Pertiwi
CICI Officer

Destari is a Monash digital learning graduate. She is passionate about learning development and currently works for one of the fastest-growing online education start-ups in Indonesia.

Jack Allen
CICI Officer

Jack is a final-year Law and Arts student at Monash University who has spent the past three years studying part-time in order to work full-time as an adviser to the Victorian Shadow Minister for Energy and Renewables. He’s new to CAUSINDY, but has been active in the Australia-Indonesia space for the past three years through the Australian Indonesian Business Council, his experience as a New Colombo Plan scholar, and many other initiatives besides. He’s passionate about reviving the faltering levels of Indonesian language learning in Australia through demonstrating that engagement with Indonesia can bring real and significant economic – as well as cultural – value to Australian partners. That’s why he’s delighted to be in the CICI Team!

Tim Flicker
CICI Officer

Tim, who was formally a member of the CAUSINDY Alumni Team and now part of the CICI Team, has been involved in the Australia-Indonesia relationship since studying Indonesian at high school.

Engagement Team

Riyantisa Fikautsara

Fika works as the Communications and Promotions Coordinator at Australia Awards in Indonesia, an Australian Government-funded program from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for scholarship opportunities and the Australia Global Alumni network. She was previously employed by the British Council in its Education Marketing team. Her main passion is for communications, particularly in the field of development. Apart from her professional activities, she likes exploring new readings, enjoying movies and songs, and learning how to make healthy and nutritious dishes.

Communications Team

Communications Lead

Evelynd pursued her Master of Communications and Media Studies at Monash University. During her time in Melbourne, she was a professional intern at the ABC and sought professional experiences in digital media. Evelynd is a lecturer at the Faculty of Communication Sciences at Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung, where she specialises in television and film studies.


Esther Gultom
Communications Officer

Esther currently works as a Content Writer at tvOne Digital Service.

Lachlan Haycock
Website & Technology Officer

Lachlan (he/him) is a freelance writer living on the lands of the Gubbi Gubbi people. He is an Arts (Honours) graduate in languages and creative writing, and his thesis examined the transgressive attitudes of young writers in Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara. Lachlan is a New Colombo Plan Scholar and an alumnus of AIYEP, ACICIS and RUILI, and has volunteered extensively for organisations such as NAILA and AIYA at national and chapter levels.

Nisa Ashila Ghaisani
Communications Officer

Shila has a Master of Letters Degree in Curatorial Practice (Contemporary Art) from Glasgow School of Art and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Bandung Institute of Technology. Owing to her experience in the arts and creative industries, Shila was previously employed by British Council Indonesia and now works for the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara.

Seluz Fahik
Digital Content Producer

Seluz is a Data Support Officer at Australia Awards in Indonesia. He has a Master of Science in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Melbourne. Upon returning from his postgraduate training, he initiated a community called Let’s Talk, to help young people in his hometown of Kupang, Nusa Tenggara Timur, to learn and speak English. He has been actively promoting opportunities to study in Australia and the Australian education system through his personal YouTube channel and podcast. Travelling and writing are the ways he enjoys life.


Culture Team

Rivana Amelia
Culture Lead

Rivana is a language teacher who is passionate about community development issues. She currently volunteers at an NGO called Darah Untuk Aceh, which assists kids with thalassemia disorder and raises public awareness about thalassemia through campaigns in conjunction with other parties and communities. Rivana is an alumna of Australia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP) 2018-2019, and beyond that program maintains her relationship with Australia by volunteering with CAUSINDY and actively having discussions about the Indonesia-Australia bilateral relationship with friends.


Anggun Dwi Kusumawati
Culture Officer

Anggun recently joined CAUSINDY in 2021 as the organisation’s internal Culture Officer.

Partnerships Team

Dwiky Wibowo
Partnerships Lead

Dwiky is currently pursuing a Master of Public Policy at the University of Tokyo as a Monbukagakusho scholar. Before his study, he worked with the Public Diplomacy team at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, and prior to that he worked with the the ASEAN Secretariat and the Australian Consortium for ‘In-Country’ Indonesian Studies (ACICIS) where he was involved in Journalism, International Relations and Public Health programs.

Trini Pratiwi
Partnerships Officer

Trini currently works as Program Coordinator for Asian Seafood Improvement Collaborative (ASIC), driving seafood sustainability in ASEAN countries. Trini has a Master of Applied Science in Marine Environment from University of Tasmania and more than 10 years experience in aquaculture. She previously worked at the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and IDH with a focus in sustainable commodities development.

Alumni Team

Desrina Sitompul
Alumni Lead

Desrina is a public health practitioner who is currently employed at a global development company on an antimicrobial resistance project. She received her MPH with majors in Epidemiology and Biostatistics from the University of Melbourne in 2017. Desrina became interested in the Australia-Indonesia space after developing fond memories of studying in Melbourne. She is passionate about public health and international development.

Betsy Bailetti
Alumni Officer

Betsy currently works for the Australian Government in the media and communications space, and has previous experience working on various Royal Commissions. She received her BA in Arts and Asia-Pacific studies from ANU in 2015 with majors in Indonesian language and cultural studies as well as English. Betsy participated in AIYEP in 2016 and received her Honours in English in 2017 from ANU. She is interested in literature, graphic novels and building a community through shared stories.