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Welcome to the new CAUSINDY website! Due to unfortunate global developments, CAUSINDY did not hold an in-person conference in 2020 as it had for the past seven years. The good news is that you can still be involved in strengthening the bilateral relationship via the CAUSINDY Online webinar series!

CAUSINDY Online consists of four online webinars, on the topics of Arts, Education, ASEAN, and Gender and Women’s Empowerment. Listen on demand to the panels via Spotify or YouTube, and keep an eye on CAUSINDY social media for the latest updates about CAUSINDY in 2021.

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Watch & listen in to the recorded webinar here https://www.causindy.org/gender/ and explore about gender advocacy with a focus on equality & empowerment from a range of intersectional perspectives, including disability & queer advocacy.

Stay tuned for our upcoming events this year! (3)

We'd like to extend our gratitude to those who tuned in to this webinar, and especially those who supported our events last year. We really appreciate that 😊

For those who missed this webinar, watch and listen in to the recorded version on our YouTube and Spotify channel. (2)