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In 2021, CAUSINDY unveiled a new team and a new raft of programs aimed at providing an engaging and fulfilling platform for young leaders from across Australia and Indonesia to build a more robust bilateral relationship. First up was the much-anticipated second phase of the PATHWAYS Mentoring Program, with further projects being developed for release later in the year.

Although the state of global travel currently means we have no in-person conference planned for this year, there is a wealth of content and material to explore online. You could start by browsing highlights of past conferences, held in locations as varied as Bali, Darwin and Makassar, before checking out CAUSINDY Online, our very own webinar series delving into topics including arts, education and women’s empowerment in the bilateral space.

You can listen to a podcast, make a donation or simply have a browse. As always, keep an eye on our social media listed below for announcements and updates to our lineup of programs.

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This initiative is supported by the Australian Government through the Alumni Grant Scheme, administered by Australia Awards in Indonesia.

Kegiatan ini didukung oleh Pemerintah Australia melalui Alumni Grant Scheme yang diadministrasikan oleh Australia Awards in Indonesia.

Participants will be mentored by professionals who are experts in their fields and will be encouraged to participate in practicing their skills

Para peserta akan dimentori secara langsung oleh para profesional yang sudah ahli di bidangnya dan melakukan praktik keterampilan.