NEW PODCAST: Pathways Mentoring Program Launch

21 Aug, 2020 | Podcasts

If you missed CAUSINDY’s Pathways Mentoring Program Launch held on August 11, 2020, you can now listen to it in podcast form!

Pathways is a new collaborative program between CAUSINDY and the Australia-Indonesia Youth Association (AIYA) which matches current university students or recent graduates (members of AIYA) with experienced professionals in their fields of interest, drawn from the CAUSINDY community. The aim is to carve a pathway for the next generation to develop the skills they need to build their desired careers in the Australia-Indonesia bilateral relationship.

This event featured two speakers, Elena Williams and Lydia Santoso. Elena is a CAUSINDY alumna who has over ten years of experience living and working in Indonesia as a higher education consultant, and also a board member of the Australia-Indonesia Institute (AII). Lydia is an Australian qualified lawyer and public notary, who specialises in the niche area of Indonesian-Australian law, and is also an Advisory Board Member of AII.

The launch was an opportunity for all participating mentors and mentees to meet, and ask any questions they had in order to ensure they come away with more knowledge about possible pathways in the Australia-Indonesia bilateral space. Elena reflected on career pathways and the value of mentors in developing career, while Lydia discussed the importance of the contribution of youth to elevate the Indonesia-Australia bilateral relations, and the views of AII in supporting the Pathways initiative.

Listen to the webinar recording on demand on the CAUSINDY Spotify page.